Modern, Elegant, Female

Fruholt was founded with the aim of elegant jewellery design,modern life have flooded our aesthetic, we are hardly know what can show female’s charm in genuine.Style consciousness and distinct quality make up our essence,join us to embark on your ever-changing journey


For You, Special One

Female is an essential part of the society, possess unique glamour, showing our elegance and independence when we are strive to obtain what we longed for. We seek to redefine what it means to be a woman, based on a set of powerful beliefs to design our every collection: Strength, confidence, courage. Those values we stand for and the ones we aspire to instill in every woman that trusts us, day after day.


The Story of Us

In 2012,Sara and Janet(me) made the decision to quit our respective careers to start a dream: to create a brand for the women of today, turning their passion for jewellery and design into a life project. This is a dream has in buds for 10 years long. Now we are very proud to be able to create unforgettable experiences through our products.


Brilliant Performing

Fruholt is the result of a balanced combination of creative talent and passion: a incredible team working together to provide you with the best experience, product, and service. From the design, even to the manufacture and delivery of our jewellery, each process of the experience is carefully orchestrated, therefore you can feel special wearing one of our little treasures.

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